Project ModuLA: Information from planning to operation | 06.02.2019
Linking all the Information from the planning and operation phases requires a continous and consistent information model for the entire life cycle. Project ModuLA started end of 2018 to work out the specifications for this integrated approach.

ENPRO once more at the PAAT meeting | 10.11.2015
This year presented the initiative ENPRO a large proportion of the scientific program of the Annual Meeting of ProcessNet Section "Process, Apartus- and Plant Engineering (PAAT)" on 16 and 17 November 2015 Bruchsal. Prof. Kockmann gave on Tuesday, 11/17/2015, an overview of the ENPRO idea and subsequently showed the individual projects their current results.

1st ENPRO day was a great success | 29.06.2015
On the 24.06.2015, over 50 experts from the ENPRO initiative met at DECHEMA in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, to discuss the latest results. A World Café was held during this meeting, debating the current developments and developing ideas for the further progress.

Modules in the Life Cycle of process plants - Application for Integrated Models


A growing demand for modular type plants for chemical processes is driven by the need of more flexibility, energy efficiency and reduced time to market. These plants can be configured from standardised modules. Incorporating these modules into the IT infrastructure enables a quick comparison of different process variations facilitating a design and optimisation with regard to energy and ressource efficiency. 

Many different Projects within the ENPRO initiative as well as working groups and committees outside of ENPRO are working towards the realisation of modular plants. An information model for the entire life cycle of the modules is required in order to utilise the results from the different groups, e.g. in software for module design and the design of modular plants.

The ModuLA project will develop requirements and specifications for a continous and consistent  model. The results will be the basis for linking intelligent modules within the IT infrastructure (creating plug-and-play ability for modules) and providing relevant life cycle data of modules. This will establish a module based aproach from planing to operation including the process analysis of a chemical plant.


start of project: 01. September 2018

duration: 36 months